Team Élan

Élan's international team brings decades of technical and business experience and connections to provide you with premium online privacy services.

Kevin Wilkerson

Technical lead and ElanVPN co-founder Kevin Wilkerson has developed software for over 30 years, with experience in mechanical CAD, interactive television, e-commerce, and most recently highly secure payment systems. In the early 2000s he operated Seamail, a secure webmail platform hosted on the Sealand data haven. In the mid 2000s he worked in the digital gold currency exchange business. Kevin is the principal developer of the Voucher-Safe anonymous digital payments system, and in 2015 founded the Digital Cash Alliance to promote its adoption. Using the pen name Kevin MacArdry, his 2010 novel The Last Trumpet Project was a finalist for the Prometheus Award for best science fiction novel in 2011.

Kevin Wilkerson photo

Bruno Delpeuc'h

Business development lead Bruno Delpeuc'h grew up with cyberculture.

He learned from hackers and cypherpunks pioneers. An intrepid seeker and internet entrepreneur, he likes to explore unknown areas and open up new digital zones.

For over ten years he participated in various projects of privacy enhancing technologies (Xerobank, Rayservers).

He is co-founder of ElanVPN, the actual CEO of Rayservers and a special advisor for Digital Cash Alliance and Voucher-Safe.

His credo:

Individual privacy, yes – institutional secrecy, no.
Individual empowerment, yes – the unaccountable elite, no.
Family values, yes – government's war on the people, no.

Bruno Delpeuc'h photo

Additionally, we have a number of people who work with us on network administration and other tasks, who are not willing to have their names posted on a website or attached to a crowdfunding campaign. We respect their wishes, and agree that this arrangement makes sense.